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Updated 1/19/07: If you’d still like to make a contribution, Cross-Cultural Solutions would gratefully receive your generosity, as they continute to support the local organizations where volunteers serve. You can do so in the name of a loved one, or in my name, if you’d like. Just click here.

Updated 1/17/07: Holy smokes. I’ve been the recipient of such overwhelming generosity over the past two months, culminating in the wild giving at Sunday’s Passage to India fundraiser. Thank you all so much. I’m floored. So much so, that I’ve decided to take down the link for online contributions. Between what I’ve received thus far, and the promise of donated airfare and “checks in the mail” floating around out there, I think I’ve raised more than my share. The rest, I’ll happily cover myself, knowing that I have a whole team of people behind me as I take this journey. How cool is that? Cheers, friends. I’ll try to make you proud.

Cross-Cultural Solutions is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the US and a Registered Charity (No: 1106741) and a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 4991010) in the UK.


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