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April 27, 2007

Damon and I got married last Saturday (yes, again) and are still basking in the big, giant happy. It was a gorgeous day and welatenight.jpg had so much fun at our small celebration, surrounded by the people we love most in the world. Hard to believe the windy, brambled, unexpected paths that led to this place, but certain that every step was an integral part of the journey. Grateful, grateful, and grateful, with a side of bliss. Still learning new things every day and having more fun than is right or proper. Shared goals, provocative exchange, extreme silliness, profound seriousness, eyes-wide-open authenticity, no drama and an irrational love of all things made of cheese. This kicks ass.


Be bold

April 20, 2007

There’s something about being this in love that it makes you want to get married over and over again. Once a month. On every continent. Okay, maybe not the really cold one… but Damonimg_0867.jpg and I are having our “western” wedding (as our Indian friends would say) tomorrow in New Hope, Pennsylvania and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s a tiny, family affair, with a larger gathering of friends on Sunday. (And a webcam for some far-flung friends who we wouldn’t do this without.) Tonight, the families are meeting for the first time at our house, and then it’s on to a weekend of celebration. We’ve worked hard to plan a really personal ceremony (in English, this time) that is reflective of where we’ve been and where we’re headed and all that we’re grateful for. During this week when so many are facing such excruciating loss in Virginia, we’re sharing in the grief, and trying our hands at courage. Ferociously holding onto this happiness, fully aware of how easily it can be taken.

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Damon takes an Indian bride

March 9, 2007

Over the course of my month here in India, friends who’ve learned that D & I are about to get married, and that he was coming to visit at the end of my stay have pushed, half-seriously, for an Indian wedding. Last week, I was visiting the extraordinary archeological park at the Qutb Minar, and my flatmate Karen suggested we have a Hindu ceremony amidst these ruins. I conceded that the ancient pillars and carvings made for a dreamy setting, but that we couldn’t begin to make something like that work in such short time and with our travel plans. Fast forward to raucous Holi celebrations with CCS friends and staff, free-flowing Kingfisher and whiskey, and a jet-lagged Damon nodding in happy confused agreement, and a plan was hatched.img_0769.jpg

In three days, our friends pulled together the most beautiful wedding ceremony on a rooftop in Hauz Khas, leaving their placements early to decorate the place with marigolds and set up the traditional implements for the Hindu priest. Our “western” wedding in April is still very much on, but how could we resist the mystical ritual, evocative setting, the sensual beauty… and of course, the red saree and turban…?

More photos of me and my husband after the jump…

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