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The fine print

February 18, 2007

Just wanted to mention a couple of things on the “blog administration” side of things. First — thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond to things here. It’s always a shock to see the number of visits rising as they have, and such a treat to find a note from you here, when i make my way to a computer to check in. Reminds me of my very happy life back homeimg_01851.jpg without pulling me out my life in Delhi. Good stuff.

Second… the photo situation has been a challenge. I’m having trouble posting pictures with this modest set up, and have had to email photos to Damon one by one, at 5-10 minutes a piece for him to post. This means less photos than I’d like, and that they’re added after the fact, when he is awake to receive and has time to post them for me. It also means that I’m coming back even further after the fact to add captions/explanations for each at the bottom of the post. So… if you’re reading regularly, pop back to the post before to see if new images have been added or their captions tacked on at the end. Thanks.