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Be bold

April 20, 2007

There’s something about being this in love that it makes you want to get married over and over again. Once a month. On every continent. Okay, maybe not the really cold one… but Damonimg_0867.jpg and I are having our “western” wedding (as our Indian friends would say) tomorrow in New Hope, Pennsylvania and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s a tiny, family affair, with a larger gathering of friends on Sunday. (And a webcam for some far-flung friends who we wouldn’t do this without.) Tonight, the families are meeting for the first time at our house, and then it’s on to a weekend of celebration. We’ve worked hard to plan a really personal ceremony (in English, this time) that is reflective of where we’ve been and where we’re headed and all that we’re grateful for. During this week when so many are facing such excruciating loss in Virginia, we’re sharing in the grief, and trying our hands at courage. Ferociously holding onto this happiness, fully aware of how easily it can be taken.

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A Glimpse of Home

February 11, 2007


Just a little photo collage to remind you of home, Kara, my love! We miss you and wish you big happy and fun. -Love, Damon & the menagerie


Who doesn’t love a sleeping bulldog?

December 22, 2006

sleepingbeauty.jpgHaven’t had a chance to post this week — getting over a nasty cold, which always seems to be the free-gift-with-purchase that comes along with volunteering in nursing homes this time of year. (Check out the Wrapping Presence link in the Blogroll at right for a view in on that fun & chaos.) That and racing to catch up with the Christmas rush has me away from the keys. Trying to make some gifts this year, with an eye on thrift as India approaches, and squeeze in visits with people I’ve been so anxious to see, but have been too contagious to risk it. (Ew.) Still, I’m sure I’ll end up in the shops with everyone else this weekend. So, in the absence of any particular news of note about my upcoming trip, here’s a picture of Riley Jane because, hey. Why not?