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November 28, 2006

So, here it is: my little India blog about the upcoming volunteer trip. Part of me is all grinny and excited to have a tiny spot online to share this experience with friends and family. The other part (Remember the slightly disaffected teenager dressing in thrift-shop-relics and prone to argue the point, just because? Her.) worries that it’s self-aggrandizing/indulgent to write about my plans, and assume that anyone, anywhere would have even a passing interest in the result. But enthusiasm and utility won out, and here I am, hoping this thing doesn’t seem too presumptuous and hoping it helps make keeping in touch a bit easier. Stop by whenever; there’s always a jar of pretzels on the counter and a couple of bottles of sparkling lemonade in the fridge.


To back up some, this whole thing grew out of a several-year search for a new international volunteer opportunity. Something somewhere between the week-long trips I’ve done to Kingston, (that are fulfilling and exhausting but never quite feel like enough) and making the life-altering two-year Peace Corps commitment. After researching many different avenues, I’ve connected with Cross-Cultural Solutions, a United Nations and CARE-affiliated group that connects volunteers with existing aid organizations and community programs within host countries, for placements that range from 2-12 weeks. It really seems like they offer a truly immersive experience with the chance to engage in the work as a lifestyle, rather than a project on a short-break. Exactly what I’m looking for.

So… on February 11th, I’ll begin service in Delhi, India. Read the rest of this entry ?