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April 27, 2007

Damon and I got married last Saturday (yes, again) and are still basking in the big, giant happy. It was a gorgeous day and welatenight.jpg had so much fun at our small celebration, surrounded by the people we love most in the world. Hard to believe the windy, brambled, unexpected paths that led to this place, but certain that every step was an integral part of the journey. Grateful, grateful, and grateful, with a side of bliss. Still learning new things every day and having more fun than is right or proper. Shared goals, provocative exchange, extreme silliness, profound seriousness, eyes-wide-open authenticity, no drama and an irrational love of all things made of cheese. This kicks ass.


India Gallery

April 2, 2007

It’s been hard to find time and head-space to continue posting about India, andindiadamon-069.jpg about the transition returning home. So much is going on, the pace is so confusing to adjust to, and I’m still wrapping my head around the journey. I loved India like crazy. It was so upsetting to leave. I both hate and love being home. /sigh. So while I’m getting my act together, I thought I’d pass along a link to my full India gallery — all 931 images and movies for anyone who might want a deeper look. You can access them here. (Slideshow mode seems the most efficient way to view things in Picasa — just set the speed to your preference or click through manually once the show starts.)

When I get to know Picasa better, I’ll do a (much, much shorter) favorites album, but if you’ve been reading this site, you’ve pretty much seen that highlights reel. Consider the gallery the self-indulgent director’s cut with hours of extra footage on the collector’s DVD. Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what’s just as you imagined it, and what’s surprising. Are there things you wish you could see, or things you’re glad that you didn’t. Tell me about it…


Back in Jersey…

March 26, 2007

… and trying adjust to life back in the States; it’s way harder than I expected. Life seems somehow much lazier, and yet way busier than I remember — and with so many things that really don’t feel like they matter. Still, I’m so looking forward to the joy of wedding #2 in April. Returning to life with this incredible, smart, silly, loving man I share my life with is certainly easing the transition; lessoning the sting of the intense missing. In so many ways, Delhi felt like home.

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