About Me

appleThirty-something girl from the northeastern U.S.; eMarketing consultant by day, wannabe UNHCR aid-worker by night (In my ambitious and unlikely dreams.)

Lifelong volunteer, frustrated gardener, frequent hostess, wandering traveler, voracious reader, assault survivor (and fight-back-er), varsity shopper, grateful granddaughter, teller of tall tales, shameless Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, proud godmother of the most perfect little girl in all of Paris, and virtually without complaint when it comes to the joy that is my motley crew of supportive and incredibly fun immediate & extended family and friends. Living blissfully in an old house brought back from the brink in a little river town, with an extraordinary guy and a houseful of silly pets.



  1. …you forgot the “gives until she can’t give no more” part!
    you are a super star and i am superb-ly blessed to call you me’ friend!

  2. Hey! Been hearing the good through through grapevines about your trip and your marriage and the grapevine isn’t cutting it. Please feel free to reaech out via email, OK? jdwoldin@gmail.com Yeah, girl, Woldin is the married name (Donat is the maiden in case you needed a little help).

    All my best to you -you look gorgeous in all pictures and I am sooooooo thrilled for you!

    Lots of love

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