April 27, 2007

Damon and I got married last Saturday (yes, again) and are still basking in the big, giant happy. It was a gorgeous day and welatenight.jpg had so much fun at our small celebration, surrounded by the people we love most in the world. Hard to believe the windy, brambled, unexpected paths that led to this place, but certain that every step was an integral part of the journey. Grateful, grateful, and grateful, with a side of bliss. Still learning new things every day and having more fun than is right or proper. Shared goals, provocative exchange, extreme silliness, profound seriousness, eyes-wide-open authenticity, no drama and an irrational love of all things made of cheese. This kicks ass.



  1. Cheese is good – as long as it doesn’t wear you! 😀

    It was a lovely wedding – thank you for sharing it with your far-flung friends, as well. You both look so happy together.

  2. Oh! Somehow I just popped in here and saw this. What a beautifully written sentiment. SO blessed are you! SO blessed am I that every single word you write resonates with me and my love too 🙂 Such a precious gift. Thanks for making my heart swell with joy for you both! 🙂

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