Happy Holi!

March 9, 2007

Holi is celebrated by Northern India on in early March to mark the arrival of spring, the triumph of good over evil, and to express love to your family, friends and neighbors. (There are conflictingindia-308.jpg tales from Hindu mythology used to explain the rituals, but no one can seem to agree on the source.) It is the most festive and joyful of all Indian celebrations, and is everyone gets into the act. Bonfires are burned the night before the full moon, and the following day is spent raucously coloring those you love with vivid powders and tinted water. We celebrated Holi, as the locals would say, “aggressively” and Damon arrived in India just in time to join us. Looking forward to sharing the full, fun range of images as soon as we return to the states, with a giant gallery of all my photos from the month. In the mean time, I  give you: Holi — 2007.





  1. Congratulation on your marriage.
    You guys really surprised me, I would have come if I knew.
    Warm wishes
    Vijay and Sushma Patel.

  2. Looks like you got thoroughly Holi-ed too! I remember arriving in India as a child (a loooooong time ago) on Holi and thinking it was the coolest thing ever – the sheer unrestrained glee and enthusiasm is something to behold!

  3. Hallo

    Ich habe es diese Jahr mit erlebt,und wahr einfach nur beeindruckt von der farbenbracht,und wie die ausgelassen
    diese Fest gefeiert wird,eine erfahrung für mich die man
    nie wieder vergessen wird.War vom 2.3.07-bis zum 25.3 .07 in Indien,hauptsächlich im Süden,und werde Wahrscheinlich nicht das letzte mal da gewessen sein.

    Gute Seite von euch,macht weiter so,das sich viel indien
    freunde noch länger an dem Urlaub erinnern können.

    mfg Heiko

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