Going quiet…

February 23, 2007

… for a few days to take a weekend roadtrip to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple and the changing of the guards at the Pakistani border. Four of us (me, a sweet girl from California, a Brit and an Irishman) have hired Jasvinder, one of our Sikh drivers, to introduce us to the Punjab, his home state. Nine hours up, a day and a half there, and nine back. Pfew.

Wanted to just say how much your kind, thoughtful, wise, supportive, loving and fun posts are meaning to me each time I return to this site to leave news. (Did you check out my brother’s Hindi? Dig.) It’s a happy lifeline, and it’s like you get it, and get me. That’s just really cool.

Be back online when I can… more stories of Mother Teresa’s to come, and the tale of my best (and most intense) night yet: a visit to Nizamuddin, the ancient Muslim neighborhood in Delhi, to visit the shrines, and attend the sacred qawwalis. In my top five things I have ever done. More soon — be well. Namaste, all. Love you guys.



  1. Well, you’ve done it, Kara! All this time I’ve been reading, I’m simultaneously inspired and intimidated. Never will I take doing good for anyone for granted. You have a force and aura about you that is rare and precious, and I’m slowly learning that some small part of it can be awakened in any beast.
    Thank you!

  2. Find any good chocolate there? Just joking.


  3. Hi Kara,
    Been thinking of you everyday. was away in Vermont all last week so couldn’t get online to read your posts. I am so in awe. You are so amazing—your emapathy, your ability to connect,inspire and strengthen those who feel weak and then on top of it, you can communicate all of it with such depth, sensitivity and vividness. You have inspired me to think about my days, my actions and words in a different way. I’m so proud of you and your courage to take this risk to share the precious you and your gifts with those who are so vulnerable.

    Miss you tons, pray for you everyday and am excited Damon will be with you soon. Take Care and sleep tight.

  4. As I read upon these stories, I realize how protected I was in growing to be an adult. Guess you can say I was shelther from a world a bit. However, with that give/take, I think I’m seeing things in a different light. Wouldn’t mind relaying messages from our folks there to the masses.

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