Bomb on Delhi train kills 68

February 20, 2007

This coming weekend, a handful of us were going to take the train to Amritsar, (north 5 hours, just before the Pakistan border) to visit the Golden Temple and attend the changing of the guard ceremony between the two countries. We’ve since hired a driver to take us on the trip, as those trains are tragically out of commission.

On Sunday, just two days before the Pakistan/India peace talks, a handful of suitcase pipe bombs filled with petrol exploded on a the Samjhauta Express. This train was not a random target… it connects the two counties and its name is meant to celebrate the “growing understanding” between the two sides. Clearly, all are not in favor of this progress. The stories are horrific, as you can imagine, and both nations are pledging to move forward with the talks. But as we’ve seen so explicitly in the States, the unity borne from shared horror is typically delicate and fleeting.

It’s hard to know when you’re abroad whether the big news where you are is making its way back home… so I’m sharing it here. Wish, pray, cross your fingers, plead, vote, demand peace.


One comment

  1. We actually did see something of this on Fox News yesterday; considering the turbulent history between India and their Muslim neighbors, it is sadly, not very surprising. I am relieved that none of you were there when the tragedy happened.

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