And I’m off…

February 9, 2007

Time is running short, but before I leave for India, I wanted to be sure to thank youcontinental.jpg all so much for all of your incredible enthusiasm and support for my plans. Thank you for seeming genuinely excited for me, for being truly interested in what I’m doing, and for helping me feel ready to fulfill this big dream so much sooner than I thought I would, after last year.

This has always felt like an intensely personal goal that was hard for me to explain and for others to relate to. Yet today, I feel like I’m leaving with this huge team behind me and the feeling is awesome. (Like, in the old skool way of ‘awesome,’ as opposed to ‘awwwwesomme.’) This is happening because my amazing family, incredible guy and wonderful friends helped me make it so, and I won’t forget it for a moment. I’ll work hard every day to be worthy of your support.

salwar-kameez.jpgOkay, that’s it for me…. off to the airport in a couple of hours for a long, long flight. I should arrive in Delhi late Saturday/early Sunday and spend the day in orientation with a trip to a quickie tailor to have several salwar kameez made to wear while I’m in-country. And then the work begins. I expect have access to an internet connection a couple of times a week, but service is intermittent, and time is limited, so I’ll be sticking to blog posts, rather than individual eMails. I’d love it if you would keep in touch with me here: let me know what’s going on with you and at home. You can leave comments or notes on any post by just clicking on the “Comments” link beneath each one. Be well, and take care… Love, Kara



  1. As my grandmother would say in HER native tounge: “mit glick” [loosely translated means “with more than luck”.]


  2. Rock on, Kara! Looking forward to reading more!


  3. I’m busily catching up on what’s going on. From what I’ve read so far, you have me in awe. Best wishes.

  4. It was very hard to leave her at the airport and drive away last night, even knowing all of the amazing experiences that lie ahead and the fact that i will be joining her there in a few short weeks. In spite of the hard parts I am so excited for and proud of her as she fulfills a longtime dream and so happy that she has such huge support from so many friends and family around the world.

    On the way back from the airport I fielded several very sweet calls from folks who were trying to reach her before she boarded. Thanks to Sue (friend) and Susan (mom) for taking time to chat with me for a bit. hearing your voices made her seem less far away. he said as if she weren’t going to be reading this… oops, hi, Sugar! 🙂

    Our sweet little dog is home with me and I gave her her meds and cleaned and neosporin-ed her surgical wound. She is not happy about that fact that they want me to confine her to her cubby or crate or one room. She’s not allowed to go up and down stairs and I have to leash her to take her out for bathroom breaks to make sure she doesn’t run to the back fence to devil-dog at passers-by. I couldn’t figure out how to rebuild the crate so I am just blocking off the area behind the sofa with her big bed so she can hang nearby as I work (ugh…) 🙂

    By now, you are on the ground and possibly at the flat and trying to stop your brain from spinning with all of the work ahead. Hope you either got some rest on the plane or can get some now. Loving you all of my days.


  5. I kept thinking about you all day yesterday, Kara. Every couple of hours, I’d picture you at the airport, then on the plane, hoping you were having a good flight and would land rested.

    Love an energy to you throughout this wonderful adventure.

  6. I hope your journey there is smooth, Kara, and that the experience is every bit as rewarding as you have hoped it would be. We’ll take care of Damon and stop him from getting too mopey by causing seven kinds of hell on W.com (*joke*) so he has to work even harder to earn his moderator’s wages (*even worse joke*)!

    Take care.

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