February 1, 2007

visa1.JPG visa2.JPG

I am a tourist with visa. Score.



  1. That is one major score too, given the vagaries and eccenticities of Indian bureaucracy! I am sure you have started to strike that – if not, it is one of the joys of travel in India! Getting a piece of paper in the hand also gives greater concreteness to the plans, I find. Are you excited yet? Or have you been excited for months and this is just another level ramped up?

  2. Congratulations on conquering one bureaucratic nightmare. Poor Riley Jane – she probably thought she was going to have a lovely adventure with you. ;D

    I’m glad that step is done, Kara. What comes next?

  3. “…given the vagaries and eccentricities of Indian bureaucracy” might be my favorite phrase of the week. Will be be quoting you, I’m sure, once I’m in-country. I have to say that I’m so, so busy with pre-trip prep, work-work, and wedding stuff, that I’ve barely thought of the fact that I’ll be waking up in Delhi, this time next week. I’ve thought of it in the abstract, of course, but not as far of excitement and mental rehearsing of what it might be like… it just isn’t coming yet. I did way back when I first made the decision, but right now I’m on auto-pilot. My friend said it best when she said I’d probably wake up from an exhausted nap on the plane to discover I’m on my way to India for a month and go “Holy Crap! I’m going to India?”

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