Oh, fun!

January 20, 2007

Received a lovely eMail from an Irishman yesterday, saying his first hellos before heading off to India to begin volunteering with CCS the same day as me. A collection ofsteps1.jpg folk were copied — all scheduled for the February 11th start date, and the exchanges have begun. Lately, I’ve been so caught up with the fundraising, the paperwork, just the piles of administration that go along with leaving your whole world for a month’s time and journeying far, far away. So bogged down in it all, that I almost lost sight of the thing itself– the work, living in India, bunking with 15 or so others, and squeezing in extraordinary bits of travel when time permits.

Today, it’s just a list of names and eMail addresses– in a few weeks, these unfamiliar ganges1.jpgnames will be my flatmates, my colleagues, and hopefully my new friends. We’ll be sharing bunks and baths, meals and malaria talk. Americans, Canadians, Brits, & Irishmen — looking forward to meeting these mystery peeps and learning their stories. So many of them are staying in India for so much longer than I am, but hopefully we’ll still have time to get to know each other and fill up our bits of free time with all the amazing stuff within train-reach from Delhi before I have to leave. Okay. I’m officially excited. /squee


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