People can be so cool

January 7, 2007

1. Sunday’s fundraiser is ON. I met with the nicest man at Passage to India, and heairplane1.jpg couldn’t have been more accomodating or more kind about the upcoming event. Totally open to the idea, and full of helpful suggestions. Seriously — even if they didn’t have the very best tikka masala in the known universe, I’d still <heart> that place.

2. Donation of a plane ticket? I have a dear friend who lives far away, but has been so supportive of this journey of mine. She recently made a connection with an incredibly generous person who, based on this friend’s enthusiastic endorsement of my plans, seems to have decided to support me by contributing round-trip airfare to and from Delhi. That’s right; you heard me. My plane ticket. To have her go to such lengths on my behalf is mind-blowy. To receive such an extraordinary gift from someone I’ve never even met? Well, I’m speechless. And way not worthy. Awaiting confirmation with stunned disbelief…


One comment

  1. Wow – the plane ticket donation sounds wonderful! That would be a big chunk less money to find, wouldn’t it?

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