Bigger monkeys

January 5, 2007

When Video Games Meet Reality. Delhi, India— In what is obviously a sign of the apocalypse (or a reallymonkey1.jpg rad adventure game), over 5,000 rhesus monkeys have begun overrunning Delhi, India raiding the local police station, homes and even the subway in gangs looking for food.

Previously, the monkeys — considered sacred by most of the Hindu population — have been rounded up and sent to… we kid you not… monkey prison on the outskirts of the city. But locals have found what might be the ultimate and final solution to the gangs of monkeys and their cute, yet terrifying, midnight runs through homes and offices — bigger monkeys.

A number of small businesses have begun employing large, imposing langur monkeys to protect offices. With razor-sharp teeth and amazingly strong tails, the 40-pound primates terrify the smaller monkeys and have forced them to move to other areas.

So we salute you, Delhi, for bringing the video game fantasy of monkey vs. monkey — with man trapped in the middle — to life. -The Wizard Staff

Fantastic. (Thanks to D for finding this little gem late last night. :))



  1. Reality sometimes heads straight for the surreal! Monkey vs monkey! Mind you, notice the low-tech solution – if something similar had happened here (Australia) or the US, we would have had auomated detection devices and remote conrolled sensor drones and son on….

  2. Hey girl, just wanted to let you know we here. Good luck!

  3. hun…OK.

  4. Okay, just caught my bearings.

    catalyst2 my friend, what’s this?

  5. Sorry, I’m so confused, I’m tripping over my own legs. Silly legs.

  6. […] (Sound like home?) Traditional collection methods aren’t working, so just like with the monkey problem, India is getting […]

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