Who doesn’t love a sleeping bulldog?

December 22, 2006

sleepingbeauty.jpgHaven’t had a chance to post this week — getting over a nasty cold, which always seems to be the free-gift-with-purchase that comes along with volunteering in nursing homes this time of year. (Check out the Wrapping Presence link in the Blogroll at right for a view in on that fun & chaos.) That and racing to catch up with the Christmas rush has me away from the keys. Trying to make some gifts this year, with an eye on thrift as India approaches, and squeeze in visits with people I’ve been so anxious to see, but have been too contagious to risk it. (Ew.) Still, I’m sure I’ll end up in the shops with everyone else this weekend. So, in the absence of any particular news of note about my upcoming trip, here’s a picture of Riley Jane because, hey. Why not?



  1. Riley Jane is really going to miss you when you’re gone. Good thing she has D and the bird to help her.

  2. Were they your stylish yet affordable (and very red) boots in the photo with Nancy at Wrapping Presence? If they were, well, I can only use Barney’s (HIMYM) catch-phrase – legendary!

  3. Ha! They were, indeed. They are my ludicrous Wrapping Presence BCBG elf boots, and every year when Nancy arrives to shop, we remove her sensible sneakers, and hand over the boots for the half an hour she’s with us. She travels in a wheelchair, and she still has way-better legs than me. Damn. 😉

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