Why there?

December 17, 2006

statue3.jpgIt’s hard not to be interested in and inspired by Indian culture. The rich history, the extraordinary architecture, the healing arts, the (somewhat) peaceful coexistance of so many of the world’s religions, the varied mythical landscapes, the exotic wildlife, the gorgeous craftsmanship of traditional silverwork and sari fabrics, and of course, the food. Good Lord, the food. These things were the gravy, though — the free gift with purchase — when I made the decision to travel to India. Of the ten countries where CCS supports volunteers, it turned out that my interests and skills seemed rather suited to the type of work that might need doing in and around Delhi. Plus, after working with Missionaries of Charity in Kingston, Jamaica, I’ll confess to something of a ten-year yearning to follow the trail back to the source. Back to the beginning to have a look at Mother Teresa’s home field. Dig.


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