December 14, 2006


“Unlike beauty, hope is not found in things. Unlike faith, hope does not reside in the individual. As it turns out, hope is found only in other people. If it cannot be found there, it cannot be found. When hope is lost, we are all implicated.”

-Michael Antrobus



  1. I wish I could properly attribute this quote. It’s something I cut out of an article in the Boston College Magazine years ago, but didn’t hold on to the full piece. I’ve always thought it a powerful statement, and it has never lost its resonance for me.

    Edited to add: I just found the original article in the BC archives and can finally attribute those insightful words that I quote so often. Here’s the full text (warning, with the suicide of a friend as the subject, it’s not an easy piece to read, but worthwhile, if you’re interested): http://bcm.bc.edu/issues/summer_2002/essay_contest_summer_02.html

  2. Kara, We are home safe and sound; enjoying our “charges”; thinking of you constantly, happy that you’re sharing this wonderful India experience with your man; wishing you many more moments that take your breath away, no mattter how miniscule they may seem at the time; praying for your safe return and sending our love, Mom & Dad
    R.J. & her Nanny went to the beach today. Tho’ cold & windy, she romped, balked, sniffed and ran like greased lightning nevertheless! AND Will let me into his little world, by allowing a head scratch/chiropractic session. Four hours later, the similar scene was set, only THIS time he bit the #$%^& out of me!! ( I swear I heard him laugh!)

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