To Do List

December 11, 2006

Task #1: Schedule early January doc appointment to get immunizations and anti-malaria Rx. Though this local doc’s tiny Lville office probably stocks hepatitis-a, hepatitis-b, measles and tetnus boosters, I’m guessing she’s plum out of japanese encephalitis & typhoid immunizations. (There’s always a run on them for the holidays, what with all those hard-to-please relatives to shop for.)

Task #2: (And way scarier than all those shots) Get serious about fundraising. What’s worse than asking family and friends for a contribution? Trying to do so around the holidays. Eek. Finally accepted that fundraising is a necessary and legitimate part of this journey and trying to think of creative ways to tackle it that won’t be quite so uncomfortable for me. Buffet dinner at an Indian restaurant with a donation for entry, slightly higher than the restaurant’s charge? Raffle of some sort? Nervously getting to work on those. Crazy that the most intimidating part of heading off to India on my own for this sort of work is not the thing itself, but rather the simple act of asking for something, anything, from anyone. From the comforts of my home, even. Huh. And the learning begins…



  1. Kara
    I read a quote recently and thought it only too appropriate for you as you embark on this sojourn. “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world”

  2. 1. Make and sell simple badges for $10 each “I helped Kara get to India”

    2. If you have any craft/hobby, use that to create items – eg, if you are photgrapher, create a calender themed around your hometown or photoshop yourelf into pre-existing photos of India/famous places around the world/your favourite fandoms etc

    3. Go to your local paper and offer to send them photos and a daily/weekly column from India in return for some sponsorship (or free advertising for your other fundraising events)

    4. A variation of #1 but get T-shirts or caps made with same logo on.

    Just some initial ideas – but successful fund-raising like this relies on breaking out of your circle of close friends and family and getting “something out there” that others will buy. Otherwise you might as well ask each friend and family memeber for a $100 loan (which, by the way, is not a bad strategy if you can deal with the shift in relationships, that is)!

    I am sure you have marketable talents and skills – look at this website as obvious proof of that – so drawing up a list of those is a great way to start.

    Hope it all works out for you!

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